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Summer Solstice

Origin – Don Isidro’s Mulled Red Wine Microlot, Jinotega, Nicaragua

Variety – Red and Yellow Catuai, Bourbon

Elevation – 1500m

Process – Washed

Cup – Cherries, jasmine, red wine.


Summer Solstice

Celebrating the sun’s rebirth, our Winter Solstice coffee helps to create warm moments of connection that you can enjoy with every single cup.

Coffee Story

Our Winter Solstice beans originate from Don Isidro’s Mulled Red Wine Microlot in the Jinotega region of Nicaragua. 

Sitting at 1500 metres above sea level, Don Isidro cultivates his coffee in a cold micro-climate laden with fertile soil and fresh spring water. His process is one of pure perfectionism, which sees any imperfections removed by hand before the coffee is prepared for safe transport down the mountain. His community of workers have been trained by the renowned Gold Mountain Coffee staff, who pride themselves on picking only the most perfectly ripe beans. The results of their efforts shine through on the cupping tables, and will no doubt make themselves known to you as you sip your Winter Solstice.   


We believe the future of business is in transparency and giving back. The idea of showing you our cards is not to justify what we charge or to show you our profits. but to let you understand how Specialty Coffee is a complex supply change.


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  • House

    Medium body-Fruity-Lingering Sweetness

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  • Cherry Bomb

    Apple, honey and cherry

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  • Mellow Yellow

    Peach, orange syrup, apple

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