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Coffee for business

At Escape, we seek out epic organic coffee and focus on bringing it to our community.  We believe coffee is a moment. A moment to escape, illuminate and elevate.  “Business Coffee” represents a desire to partner businesses with aligned values, and support those elevated moments.

Coffee, like business, is a complex process that undergoes an amazing journey to get to your cup.  We believe in transparency; it underpins our business and we hope will benefit yours. We commit to sharing as much of the process, methods and information to help you know and trust in us.

Apply now – Get the office humming


Epic Coffee

Organic coffee to fuel your team

Tech Support & Training

Install, training and ongoing support


Simple Pricing

Automatic ordering, wholesale pricing and team discounts

Equipment Sourcing

We can find or supply based on your needs.

Our requirements

We try not to overcomplicate things.  Other than a regular weekly minimum order of 1kg, we are seeking to align with like-minded businesses who value their team, great coffee and epic moments.

We look forward to discussing your coffee needs

Let's Talk

    My name is and I'd love to hear more about getting some epic organic coffee for our business.
    My business is called and we are a bunch of serious coffee lovers.
    We'd need our coffee fix delivered to our address at
    Feel free to call us with any questions you have on
    Or you can catch us on email at
    Lastly, i'd just like to mention that

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