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Find out more about our most recent drops. Speciality coffee that places planet, people and community at the heart of each cup.


Our Warm Series coffees are skilfully developed to experience each coffee’s identity without tasting roasted. The extra development reduces the acidity, highlights the body, creates a sweetness and makes the extraction process more forgiving. A warmth that will fill anyone’s heart or maybe just their cup.


Our Sunlit Series coffees are selected to showcase the complexity of flavour profiles coffee has to offer. We take a modern approach developing these coffee which highlights the brightness and aroma. Best served as a slow brew to soften the acidity but with a bit a fun can be a bright sweet espresso.


These nuggets of gold are striking, exotic and once it hits your lips, it’s so good!!!! They are the stratum of hard work and dedication by the producers we align ourselves with. The small quantity of product produced is a reflection of their effort in making the limited supply. The rare varieties or striking milling process make this coffee more than just vibrant cups of coffee.



Join our journey---- to showcase the people that make the finest sustainable and most unique coffee in the world. Seeking truth , quality and accountability in coffee.


We strive to reduce our social and environmental impact. We allign with sustainable farms, choose the most ecological means of transport, compostable packaging and plant trees to offset our carbon footprint. Follow as we try to become a closed loop economy.


We’re an independently owned company who want to see grassroots coffee grow. We want to see independent cafes flourish. We’re committed to relationships and to excellence and we truly thrive whenever our partners are successful

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